Monday, January 26, 2009

The Year's First (And Undoubtedly Only) Great Mobb Deep Record/NORE is Insane

Juliano Creator of The Creators (some UK producer duo I never heard of) is responsible for this surprisingly good new Mobb Deep record. It's called 'Heat.' His upcoming producer album is full of appearances from bums like Evidence, Joell Ortiz, Little Brother, and many other tragically useless artists, but this bangs in a sort of demented comic book movie soundtrack way, and Prodigy's verse is about as good as you can expect given the dessicated shell of himself he's become. So enjoy. And in other Queensbridge news, NORE finally explains the meaning of his immortal first two lines on 'Superthug' to HipHopGame:

I have a lot of Biz Mark in me. I want people to have fun and laugh and not be that serious but I also have that G Rap in me where I want to spit them lyrics and I want people to decipher my lyrics. When I said "I light a candle and run laps around the English Channel/Neptunes have got a cocker spaniel," people just thought I was trying to make words match. People didn't know what the English Channel was. People didn't know that when a person dies you light a candle because you're so stressed and the name of the record was 'Superthug.' I said "I light a candle and run laps around the English Channel, Neptunes have got a cocker spaniel," not meaning that they got a dog but that I got the gun cocked. A lot of people took that as "oh, okay, it's just gibberish" or "it's just lyrics put together" but I thought that was genius. People want to decipher my lyrics today and they realize that this dude was spitting some shit but you know what? I don't ever get recognized for nothing and if I get recognized for it now it might just be, like, heartbreaking because I've done so much things for rap and for so many communities and cultures... so maybe I'm just going to be the guy who has the talent and the motivation and the drive but people just don't recognize me. God bless, I would love to be recognized for the great accomplishments I do and the great lyricism I have now but, you know, maybe later in life they will...

You know, if I were into reading into shit and always trying to ascribe intentionality to rappers that just isn't there like some bloggers, I'd say NORE was spoofing Kanye here. But I think we all know that NORE is really just this dumb. My favorite parts about this answer:

1. "If I get recognized for it now it might just be, like, heartbreaking." Maybe he really was spoofing Kanye. He had to be.

2. "Neptunes have got a cocker spaniel" somehow = "I got the gun cocked." Maybe NORE is trying to tell us that he and Chad Hugo are one and the same. Dr. Asian Loner Superproducer and Mr. Nuyorican Absurdist Rapping Goofball.

3. "People didn't know what the English Channel was." Ah, that explains it.

4. Later in the interview NORE said this:

N: DMX dropped two albums in one year. I'm gonna drop two albums in two seasons. March, which is, what is that? Is it still considered winter or late fall?

Interviewer: Spring comes in late march.

N: Okay. Well I'm gonna drop an album in spring and an album in the summertime. The first artist ever.

Can't you just hear him going 'okay' without missing a beat? It's too bad his rapping is nowhere near his interviews anymore.


Badmon3333 said...

Creators are pretty tight. You should check their 'The Weight' comp album from '00. It's got El da Sensei, Evidence, Babu and some more guests.

tray said...

Evidence! Babu! Wasn't he in Aladdin?

Badmon3333 said...

Be that as it may... it's good.