Friday, January 16, 2009

Music Sucks, Listen To Rockwell Instead

I have a cute dog.

DJ Mike Nice's much-awaited Brooklyn Bullshit tape dropped today. It's chock-full of 5-second snippets of Biggie's baby talk and newly unearthed demo cuts of Jay rapping like the Fu-Schnickens. Really exciting. A Nas prod. by Kanye track came out; it's head and shoulders above most of Untitled but that's saying nothing. Eskay's hyping up the Budden vs. Saigon kerfuffle. (In one corner, Mr. Jumpoff, in the other, the guy whose first single off his never-released album was a conshuz Trey Songz feature about vaginal pain.) The tracklist for Jada's new album looks troubling. No Styles, features from Pharrell, Jazmine Sullivan, Ne-Yo, Avery Storm, Jeezy, Barrington Levy, Faith Evans, Wayne, and song titles like 'Money and Jewelry,' 'Things I've Been Through,' and 'Time's Up'... when that was the first single off his last album. And Jeezy apparently is debuting his 'My President Is Black' video with ABC News. It features John Lewis, sucks, and is so doofy and cheerful, with all the kids waving around 'SOULJA SLIM' banners, like they were at some political convention where dead rappers could be nominated, that I'm reminded of this famous 1952 commercial for Eisenhower. So until music picks up, I'm just posting Rockwell. Rockwell, by the way, was Berry Gordy's son, although it's said that his signing to Motown - the label Gordy founded - wasn't facilitated by his connections. Hard to believe when he was such a bad singer, but whatever. Here's 'Foreign Country,' in which Rockwell gets ridiculously agitated over the fact that people speak a different language and listen to different music in the unspecified foreign country where he currently finds himself. You'll notice that Rockwell's ridiculously agitated over some triviality on all his songs, giving his robo-backup singers opportunities to super-seriously intone random-ass shit on the hooks like "FOREIGN. COUNTRY" or "you must become accustomed to the new atmosphe-ee-ere!" And here's Rockwell's surprisingly effective, very 80s remake of The Beatles' 'Taxman.'

Rockwell - Foreign Country.
Rockwell - Taxman.

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