Sunday, January 11, 2009

Midnight Snack of Champions

Whole breast meat pieces!

This isn't a food blog, but in keeping with my habit of condescendingly stereotyping my readers, I figure most of y'all aren't rich (in my limited experience of Pitchfork conspiracy theorists, most people who have time to speculate on whether the Pitchfork/Fader partnership is some kind of nefarious plot to synergistically push M.I.A. down our throats don't have much of a professional life), so I wanted to fill you in a delicious, filling and cost-effective alternative to whatever crappy fast food outlet is open late in your local cul-de-sac. I've always been a little suspicious of Whole Foods (the only store that stocks these amazin'** nuggets) since I read that ?uestlove shops there, but Bell and Evans Air Chilled Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets are too good to miss out on over anti-okayplayer loyalties. To quote some folks from a gluten allergy message board who were talking about the gluten-free variety (and this really says it all because if they liked the gluten-free this much, just imagine the ones with nice warm gluten*):

WOW.... If I knew how delicious these were I think I'd have bought a whole case!!!!

they are made with real, juicy white meat

I would truly buy and eat these even if I didn't have celiac disease!!!

I was so pleasantly surprised by these. Made my night!

Oh happy day!

I had these for the first time this weekend and oh my gosh are they good! My sister and I sat there eating them together (we both have celiac disease) and kept saying "wow" and "yum" throughout the meal!

Best of all, theyre priced at a pricey $6.49 price point, so you don't have to feel like you're bringing anything too cheap into your lovely home - and, lest I forget, these chicken nuggets are made from chickens that were "free to roam" - that is, not quite free-range, but fear not, chicken lover, that's in the chickens' best interests. You see, Ma Bell and Pa Evans don't want to expose their little chickadees to "bad weather or diseases." This way they're safe in their spacious chicken condos. (Yes, chicken condos.) So eat up on Bell and Evans Air-Chilled Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets. Anything less would be wack.

* Yeah, I have no clue what gluten is either.
** How did people think that was a good album??

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