Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Italy? Sicily? Tell Me, Girl, Dis-i-ney World?

Have you ever noticed that Ludacris's 'Nasty Girl' (casting call of which is below) features the very same melody as Cam'ron's classic, 'Daydreaming'? Also, have you ever noticed that Luda can no longer rap? This is a Prodigy-size falloff. Mainly, though, I just wanted to post the 'Daydreaming' video. What a wide array of mean mugs and deeply contemplative gazes into the camera. Also note his remarkable inability to feign even the slightest bit of affection for his leading lady, and that ridiculous baby blue outfit he has on on the beach. One day we're going to look back on the 2001-2003 era with the same amount of nostalgia that we do with the 90s. Shit, I do already.

Nasty Girl Casting from DTP TV on Vimeo.

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