Friday, December 5, 2008

U Mad?

This after someone threw a coin at him on stage. Kanye should make his next album be just straight sing-alongable expletive-filled autotuned rants. I would buy that shit. Actually though, this is the douchey type of shit I hate about dude. Who plaintively squeals into their autotuned mic that a guy who threw a coin at them "should be ashamed of [their] fucking self" and "played [their] fucking self"? Just pick that shit up!


Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

how old is he? also, if he's going to get mad, why not just do what any other rapper would do in a situation like that: start a fight.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Jesus! that was hilarious. if he started a fight, you could've questioned his age too

Would you like him to body slam the dude akon-style? Would that be more mature? Its just a fucking heckler. Someone who was lame enough to actually come to a kanye concert and then throw a coin at him. That was a pretty amusing way to deal with him/her.

I especially like how the 'die' of "eat shit die" just floats across the stadium with reverb.

Badmon3333 said...

Gotta appreciate the on-the-fly improvisation, if nothing else.