Monday, December 1, 2008

Q-Tip: Kanye And Common Evolved From Me (Neglects To Mention That Said "Evolution" Seems To Have Been A Backwards Process)

Q-Tip's mom - better at carrying a tune than Kanye.

What he should've said is that they're a couple of swagger-jackers who were never touching him in the first place and have badly lost their way since. Also he should've shat on Lupe for good measure. But whatever, he is kinda washed-up. He also says that his top 3 rappers of all time are Rakim, Slick Rick, and Biggie (take that, Zilla Rocca), and that rappers' business acumen has become way too big of a deal. I like to defend 50, but amen to that.


So Common's album apparently leaked and according to Bol 'Sex 4 Sugar' contains this gem:

You can call me Smokey, I'll be the bear
The smell of sexy's all in the air.

I don't actually waste my time listening to Common albums (I waste my time listening to Ace Hood albums hoping for killer Rick Ross guest spots), but I had to check to see if Bol hadn't just made this up, and sure enough, the song in question has the line, and it's even more flagrino than it sounds on paper. In fairness to Common, part of his problem is that he moved out to LA and probably fucks with corny-ass white girls strung out on ecstasy or whatever they take in the clubs these days, so there's no, you know, feedback for him as far as telling him how gay that shit sounds. This is why you can't fuck with rappers who move out to LA or read their own pitchfork reviews (KANYE).


Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

if this were a diddy album ghostwritten by common (a la pharoahe), i would be willing to overlook how dumb this is. just because he wants to rap like it's '82 doesn't mean the lyrics need to be terrible, granola-rap pandering.

tray said...

Oh, if Diddy had said that, I'm sure I'd love it. Now, whether there's an insidious double standard there... I mean, I think when Diddy says something outrageously stupid his ghostwriter's probably fucking with him, and if not, it's still funny somehow. I mean, it's fun to laugh at an executive who chooses to drop an album every five years and can't rap, but Common's a rapper with lyrical pretensions who a sizable percentage of the okayplayer fanbase still sticks up for, totally different animal.

Anonymous said...

lol @ "you can call me smokey, i'll be the bear".

and funny how you should mention that diddy saying that would be a whole different story. Context is everything. Say what you will about "swagger" and/or attitude being meaningless, but its a certain oomph to pull ambiguously corny stuff off.

Now I'm really excited about Universal Mind Control - just to see the depths of cheesiness common will dive into to be seen as young, hip and fun-loving

between this line and announcement's "broads say are you a philosopher? Yeah I'll philosopha on top of ya", there is much promise for comedic gold.