Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 Songs Better Than Anything That Dropped This Year

Hurricane G f. Redman and Erick Sermon -
Milky (Produced By Erick Sermon). This song is from '91 and Hurricane easily outshines Redman. That's really saying something. Plus the beat might just be the best thing E-Serm ever did. Too bad ol' girl went on to do absolutely nothing besides bitching about dudes who hated on Puff on 'P.E. 2000.'

Slick Rick - I Shouldn't Have Done It. First single off the Ruler's slept-on second album, The Ruler's Back. Rick kinda whispered this whole album and at times it gets a little too laid-back, but here it works to brilliant effect. Listen closely for the devastating ending.

Camp Lo f. Jungle Brown - Luchini (Remix). Kinda like that Knux Cappuccino jingle, if Cappuccino were actually good.

Memphis Bleek, Hand It Down. People said Premo came back this year. They can't be serious. Could today's Premo make Bleek sound good? Pain in Da Ass's bullshit snipped out for you.

Big Noyd f. Mobb Deep, Recognize and Realize Pt. 2. Possibly one of Havoc's five or so best beats ever, what with that insane heart monitor beeping weaving in and out of the track, and Prodigy drops this:

Yo it's the P, realistically speakin, get left leakin
Reality bites, I strike back, we even
You still breathin make sure his heart stop beatin
You bleedin on top the concrete, found indecent
Blank out when I see you, send shots at your cerebral
Go at your throat like a pit bull
Stop and feed you to the vultures, like Greek sculptures
You're left limbless, from start to finish
Your whole squad get hit hard
I run with a foul type nigs is war scarred
Resemblin' Vietnam, infantries that bomb
Your head nigga, headquaters we take over
My snake nigga crew strike like that of a cobra
Constrict like boas, wrap tight around your soldiers
Enclosed in, trapped within the clutches of madmen

Now go back to listening to that 808's pap. And weep.


Badmon3333 said...

I think Hurricane Gee actually put out an album, but I remember hearing a couple songs off it and not liking them too much. She should have put out a collabo album with Redman, her verse on "We Run NY" off the 'Darkside' album is pretty nice as well.

tray said...

She did but it's not supposed to be too good.

Anonymous said...

hand It Down sucks