Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hurray, Crappy Videos For Songs That Are Actually Good

I just looked at onsmash for the first time in months and was strangely glad to see that Jim Jones is still alive. Hard to explain. Anyway, of the tiny number of new rap songs I've heard this year, 'Last 2' with Chris, Freeway and Beans is definitely one of the best. And now it has a video! A cheap crappy one! Isn't it something how these guys' old boss has entered the global celeb stratosphere at the same time that he ceased to be any good at making music, while his old super-talented crew members have become mixtape nobodies? Very odd. Especially since they've actually gotten better (with the exception of Beans, who just stays as great as he ever was) since they got cut. Has there ever been a scenario before where there was a whole label of incredibly gifted rappers that went from stardom to nowheresville for no good reason besides their label head being a dick? I used to get all exercised about the endless push-back of Styles's second album, but this is way worse.

Has the Rae leaked yet? I feel about this Cuban Linx 2 shit the way I feel about most attractive girls I meet down here. There's some small promise but odds are she's taken or her favorite movie ever is American Beauty. If only 'Wu Ohh' or whatever it's called had never happened I'd be expecting another Lex Diamonds dud and have nothing to worry about one way or another. Now there's actually a chance. Realistically I think you're probably seeing something like Masta Killa's first album on steroids. For instance, Meth kinda kills this but otherwise the song's pretty dull. GZA in particular needs to take a long walk.

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