Friday, April 23, 2010

As Seen On Youtube

I was listening to Juelz's 'Murda Murda' and I saw this comment:

Dis da shit!What happened to music??
Everyone talkin how GREAT drake and wayne r....
They WACK there used to be bttr songs out there!In 2001-2006 nd then music just CRASHED!rap music iz GONE and i HATE that!RIP rap music
Those good old days in 2001-2006 when there were bttr songs out there. What really got me though was reading the Source's review of Hard To Earn, where the critic writes that the album (just four mics!) "is definitely a welcome breath of fresh air during this otherwise stale period of rap." The stale period/year that brought you Illmatic, Resurrection, Ready To Die, Outkast's first album, Tical, Do You Want More?, The Main Ingredient, Dare Iz A Darkside, On The Outside Looking In, Keith Murray's debut, Bone Thugs' debut EP, and the quite respectable Blowout Comb. And best of all, this classic.


MF said...

UK soccer players from the city the Beatles were from have also been known to induldge their Big Daddy Kane fantasies :

A lot of rap critics and fans in 1994 were luddites who couldn't comprehend that Eric B & Rakim, NWA, EPMD and Ice-T were gone and that rap no longer sounded like It Takes A Nation Of Millions... Like, there were fans of the whole golden-era who were turning their noses up at Return Of The Boom-Bap.

Add in The Diary, Stress : The Extinction Agenda, The Mail Man EP, and Super-Tight, plus singles like Shook Ones, Havin' Thangs, Playa Playa, Flava In Ya Ear remix, What Would You Do?, Natural Born Killaz, Regulate, Murder Was The Case remix, Bucktown and Supa Star and you have maybe my favourite year in rap.

tray said...

Yes, The Mail Man EP. Complete with my favorite clean version of a song ever, 'Captin Save Em Hoe,' where B-Legit turns all the hoes to thoes and the bitches to batches. It's actually the better version.

The Beat Doctor said...

Darkside... still the best Redman record.

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