Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gangsta Boogie

See, shit like this is what's missing from today's attempts at boom-bap revivalism. Sing-along shouted hooks with the crew. Warmth. Dope bass. Totally unironic quests for gangsta bitches. Sentiment that isn't too emo-tionally sentimental. I went to see what the Termanology obligatory female song sounded like, just for comparison, and it's this gross "I don't make stacks when I'm in the sack," gotta leave you and go on my lame indy rap tour so I can get you out the hood and buy you a tacky Mcmansion shit, that owes way more to crap like Trey Songz' second single 'Gotta Go' and scenes from Lil Flip music videos than it does to anything in the tradition he's supposedly reviving. How did that whole lame subgenre ever get off the ground? Probably because (a) some rappers don't know how to rap about anything but "making stacks" these days, it's just their most comfortable subject, so even their "songz for the ladeez" turn into money talk, and (b) it's this obnoxious way to fool you, the gullible male listener, into thinking the rapper's really getting some cuz look, this bitch is begging him to stay and dude is so sexually satisfied that he's turning her down. Also an opportunity for the rapper to gratuitiously brag about how great his anorexic boom-bap ass is at sex.

You can listen to Termanology's garbage-ass "Please Don't Go" here. If you're into production, it does have a pretty sample maybe you could retool for better purposes.

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