Saturday, November 15, 2008

Argento Is Not The Word To Play

Saw the last 10 minutes of Suspiria on teevee tonight. I have really mixed feelings on Argento (for those of you who don't know, Argento was/is a wackjob Italian horror director; his movies are kinda like the experience of going to a really scary haunted house when you're 5 years old - no plot - though, like some haunted houses that have that sign outside the door like, Captain McGee was killed by Captain Pookie, now he haunts his old house and seeks revenge, there's a bullshit semblance of one - but what, when you're 5, seems like insane amounts of random shit popping from behind corners at you) , but for better or worse, he did not fuck around or half-ass anything (except for his ridiculously bad dialogue, incoherent plots, and you know, everything that's traditionally supposed to go into making a movie). He 800% assed. Where other directors might use a gallon of fake blood, he'd use 20. Where other directors might fuck around a little with expressionist color schemes, he just randomly makes rooms magically change color 50 times in 10 seconds, and they're colors you never even knew existed because before he made his movies, they were just in some psychotic corner of his mind. His movies are like the trip on some potentially fatal hallucinogen you're too responsible to have. Thanks to Argento, you don't have to bother with that shit; you can just watch his movies. The ending of the movie I just saw happens to be on youtube (along with the rest of it); it's in this horrible distorted ratio, and the crazy colors are all washed out, but watch it anyway. There is no spoiler; Suspiria doesn't have enough of a plot to have spoilers. It's just nonstop psychotropic carnage.


Anonymous said...

dude this was such a treat. I actually have never seen Suspiria in its entirety. I'm faaaar faar from a movie buff, and my tastes w/ regards to this are far from refined, but I've browsed enough to know the work to be familiar with artsy weirdos such as argento and fellini. I'm a big fan of strong visuals, so fly shit like this - style vs substance ( more so style as substance in my book) are usually winners for me.

I always go through this phase every year where i get bored with the movies playing in theatres, and I slip in one of these random weirdo cult classics on a weekend.

speaking of which, since you do seem like a movie buff, I'm in a Godard mood right now, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations - Although I've always been intrigued by his work, vivre sa vie has been the only godard movie I've seen.

tray said...

Yeah, people say you should see Weekend. I've never seen it, but that's a fan favorite. I really enjoyed Masculin Feminin, myself. I would say that.