Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Fuck With Cokeheads

On a humorous note...

Cokehead (21:53:36): do u drink or smoke or nething else?
Tray (21:53:40): drink
Cokehead (21:53:51): tried nehting else?
Tray (21:53:55): oh no
Tray (21:54:06): should I?
Cokehead (21:54:26): drinking is enough
Cokehead (21:54:49): coke is great but that can be a downhil slope
Tray (21:55:24): mm
Tray (21:55:30): if I did drugs it would be coke
Tray (21:55:55): but I wouldn't risk it
Tray (21:56:25): though girls who do coke must be fun
Tray (21:56:33): I don't know enough of them
Cokehead (21:57:35): i think its mental thing when it comes to controling it
Cokehead (21:57:48): sex is great on coke lol
Tray (21:57:53): but let's say I'm one of the thousand or so smartest people in america
Tray (21:57:56): probably true
Tray (21:58:04): do I want to kill any of my precious brain cells?
Cokehead (21:58:23): for a reaaaaallly amazing sex
Cokehead (21:58:28): might be worth it
Tray (21:58:33): nah I don't know
Cokehead (21:58:59): u can probbly down a few red bulls and have similar effects
Tray (21:59:04): hmm
Cokehead (21:59:36): but i would usually not drink do coke and drink red buls
Tray (22:00:54): oh, so don't do both
Cokehead (22:01:50): neway moving on b4 i start to really sound like a junkie ...
Tray (22:01:58): I actually have work

Sorry I don't have the mp3 on that. You can find it.

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